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Keeping unhealthy mould at bay

With so many of Australia's regions affected by hot and humid weather, especially during the summer months, it's likely that we’ve all experienced problems with mould around the home at some point or other.

Because mould spores are in the atmosphere naturally and can grow on just about any surface, it's almost impossible to eliminate mould completely. But, there are many ways that we can reduce its impact and inhibit its growth.

Although modern building techniques have been developed to address multiple issues and generally improve the functionality and internal health of homes, it can be said that creating better, more air-tight buildings contributes significantly to the problem of increased mould growth.

With more precise building methods, fewer gaps and efficiently sealed windows and doors, there is now less natural ventilation and air-flow in buildings, compared to those created at the turn-of-the-century.

This doesn't mean we should all relax our standards and put the plumb-level away! But it does mean that we need to take measures during construction and post-build to eliminate conditions that contribute to mould growth.

Prevention begins at the design phase of a project by creating a building that supports natural air flow and easily promotes ventilation by the owners.

During construction, proper storage of materials, especially products such as plasterboard, prior to installation as well as ensuring appropriate lock-up-phase is reached before installing these products to prevent exposure to the elements, will help to restrict the possibility of mould growth at this phase. Finishing the surface with appropriate, high-quality paints that include mould-inhibitors, especially in high-moisture areas, will also help to keep mould at bay.

And, don't think that mould issues are restricted to indoors. With many of our homes incorporating outdoor 'rooms' that involve external ceilings, mould can also be an issue in your alfresco areas.

In an environment like Australia where it’s almost impossible to get away from some impact of mould, taking care at every stage of a building’s life is the only way to minimise its impact on your home’s health.

For all mould prevention measures that can be taken during the installation phase of plasterboard, please download a copy of our Plasterboard Installation Guide that gives you best practice advice and recommendations.