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Avoiding the blame game if things go wrong in your project

When you're working on a construction project, whether it's a large commercial build or a home renovation, there are multiple products and services that have to be pulled together to ensure a successful outcome. Combining products from different manufacturers in the overall project is generally not an issue, but what about the situation where the performance of different products is dependent on each other? If something goes wrong in this case, how do you know which product is at fault and how do you go about resolving the issue when you could be faced with having to deal with the "Blame Game"?

In the “Blame Game", where the winner is generally never the customer, you usually have a situation where a product fails but you can't say for sure whether the problem is inherent with the product that has failed, or whether it is due to the poor performance of another product that it has been combined with. What a minefield and time-draining operation that is!

One way to avoid this issue is to find product solutions that are designed to work together, and better still, are from one supplier or manufacturer. When you reduce the number of different suppliers on a project, not only does it make it easier if things go wrong, but your end results should also dramatically improve because you’re combining products and systems that have been developed to work together.

We have addressed this situation, both at the product level and the warranty level by creating the Siniat Warranty in support of the Siniat plasterboard, metal framing and compound systems. In addition to providing a comprehensive selection of complete wall and ceiling systems designed to work perfectly in combination with each other, specifiers also benefit from access to Siniat Solutions Know How in the form of technical engineering, construction and onsite advice and online tools.

And, backing all of this is an industry-first single warranty that covers the complete wall and ceiling system that has been installed in line with Siniat's recommendations.

If you would like to know more about the Siniat Warranty and how it backs our complete wall and ceiling systems, download the Warranty brochure and get in touch with any questions you may have.